Wineries Woodinville

Wineries are usually a quaint hideout in the country where you can spend the day catching the daily newspaper or wandering aimlessly along the shoreline. If you love the sound of rolling hills and vineyards filled with sweet grapes, then these are the places that you should visit. Of course, you will also enjoy wine tasting with the local wineries. Wineries Woodinville is one of them where you can also get to know the local winemakers, meet the wine masters and even purchase wine gifts from them. Wineries Woodinville is a cluster of vineyards spread over some twenty acres of land surrounded by forested hills. They are the country's number one commercial winery, producing around sixty million dollars worth of wine annually. The wineries are located just around the corner from the historic Woodinville City Center in the United States Department of Agriculture's Pacific Northwest division. Each winery offers its own distinct wine offerings with some specializing in reds, whites, chardonnays and Merlot. Wineries Woodinville, Washington is famous for their big annual art and wine fair, which happen to be the largest of its kind in the country. It takes place every year in the beautiful park named after the original founder of the W.W. Company, Daniel Combs. The festival draws some five hundred artists and craftsmen from all over the world who display their work including jewelry, stone art, pottery, metalwork, glassware and paintings. This festival is a favorite among wine lovers not only because of its dazzling exhibits but also for its day long activities during the event. On the first day of the fair visitors can take part in the Kids Wine Garden. Here they can pretend to be little grapes and learn about the different kinds of grapes. The wineries have workshops where children can learn how to make homemade wine and taste it. Other activities that take place during the day are pony rides, petting zoos and learning how to shake a jug using a wine aerator. The kids are taken to a petting zoo where the animals are trained to drink from the wine aerator. People who want to go on a picnic can do so at the Woodinville High Point Park. Here they can relax while the wineries sell delicious food and drink. Other activities that take place during the day are tennis, golf and equestrian events. The wineries even have their own golf course, which has been certified by the PGA. They have also partnered with other local golf courses that have been specially designed by the wineries. For wine connoisseurs, the Pugwash winery is a must see. Here they sell award winning wines and food. Food can be sampled at the cafe and dinner is served in the vineyard. People can even make wine at the farm or have it delivered. The wineries have been making award winning wines for over 60 years and still hold very high standards. If you love playing golf, Woodinville is the place to go. Several local wineries host a popular annual golf tournament. Here you will get to see spectacular scenery, lush greens, and breathtaking hillsides. The players will be treated to exceptional food, wine, and cheese. On day two of the tournament you will witness the very best of the game as the top teams compete for the trophy. Other events such as art exhibits, outdoor movie festivals and wine tasting are also held regularly. If you are a foodie, then visiting the wineries in Woodinville is a must do. Wineries offer a wide variety of wine tasting menus that cater to every taste palette. Some wineries also offer gift certificates so that people can buy wine to take home to their families. Many local wineries offer tours of the vineyards, which is why it's important to stop by and take a look.